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Your content is yours

When you post something on the web, it should belong to you, not a corporation. The Elm City Webmakers focus on publishing from their own websites and then deciding what to share on social media.
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You are better connected

Do you spend time on social media and not feel good about yourself? Do you fear the rise of fake news? Join the Elm City Webmakers as we use tools to stay better connected from our own websites.
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You are in control

Facebook and Instagram have turned you into a product. They sell your data to advertisers while taking away features you loved. It is time to take control from the corporations

Why Should I Become a Webmaker?

IndieWebCAmp NewHaven 2019 attendees

Do you need a personal website for yourself to share a passion?

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Do you want to build a classroom website?

Upcoming Events

Big News: Elm City Webmakers is moving to the Literacy Center. Students, parents, and all; ages welcome to join us. Attend two events and we give you a free website. Every 1st and 4th Monday.

Homebrew Website Club

to at Concepts of Adaptive Learnig, 5 Science Park Suite 2C, New Haven, CT 06511

Come work on your website or build your first one.

Homebrew Website Club

to at Concepts for Adaptive Learning, 5 Science Park Suite 2C, New Haven, CT 06511

Come work on your website or build your first one.

Build Your Web Literacy Skills
At Your Own Speed

Touch None of the Code

Whether just getting started or simply too busy you can still build web literacy without touching code.

Join Us and Build your First Website

Touch Some of the Code

If you have experience with WordPress, Blogger, Medium or other tools you can take your skills to the next level.

Join Us and Power up Your Website with IndieWeb Tools

Touch All of the Code

We use IndieWeb building blocks. If you are an engineer, developer, or hobbyist the sky is the limit.

Join Us and Help Build the Modern Social Web

Get Involved

All Levels

Set your own personal goals and reflect on growth

All Ages

Intergenerational learning. Children and adults welcome.

All Interests

Learning and the web workds best driven by your passion.


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Southern Connecticut State University

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Literacy Everyday

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Junta for Progressive Action

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